Ladies’ Day In Belly Dance Parties

Bring Morgiana right to your home, business, or social venue for a fun 1 ½ hour introduction to the world of Belly Dance.  You and up to 9 friends will enjoy a short performance of this beautiful dance form, then everyone will get their hips moving to fun, upbeat Arabian rhythms as Morgiana breaks down key movements in an inclusive, beginner friendly way.  Each participant receives a short, original choreography as well as a coined hip scarf and packet of information to take home.  Excellent for bachelorette parties, birthdays, women’s clubs, and teen nights.

Music and Dance of the Middle East (great for schools, scouts, and libraries!)
   There are few things that embody a culture more than its music and dance.  This multidisciplinary workshop demystifies Middle Eastern rhythms, melodies and movements for a Western audience.  Participants will enjoy the opportunity to touch a dumbek (drum), ring a zill (finger cymbal) and dance a debke (Arabic line dance) while gaining a new respect and understanding of the rich diversity of Middle Eastern Music, from Turkish traditional to Egyptian pop.  Attendees will also delight in learning basic movements such as snake arms, footwork, and hip isolations, as well as a short combination to share with friends.

Kristin’s workshop-which students describe as  “enjoyable,”  “enlightening,” “valuable”–is certainly a highlight of the fall term World Music course, providing a window into the music culture of the Middle East.

Doretta Lonnett Whalen PhD, Penn State Greater Allegheny

Adjunct Professor: World Music 

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