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10 minute band workout

Notes:  Don’t forget to do a brief warm up that explores your range of motion in all major joints: walking in place with slow shoulder rolls, a big hip circle, etc.  You’ll also want to allow some time for basic stretches, including hips, back, shoulders, and hamstrings.

This workout is just a guide, with ideas of exercises that alternate upper and lower body so you don’t get too fatigued, as well as creating a “flow” to maximize your time.  Have fun creating your own flow out of your favorites, or adding or subtracting exercises to fit your time frame.  Just make sure you are working both sides of every muscle (ex. Biceps AND triceps) so that you stay balanced.  If you have more time, do the circuit twice!

Always listen to your body.  Participation in any exercise program is at your own risk, so if something doesn’t feel right, modify it, or skip it!  This is your workout, after all.  Talk to your doctor if you feel joint pain or strains beyond normal muscle fatigue.

  1. Start with band under both feet. Two steps right, two rows (keep wrists straight!) Repeat to left. (5 to each side)
  1. Keep weight in your heels and sit back.(2 sets of 10) You can add a twist in the second set.
  1. Bicep curls. Elbows stay in toward your body.(2 sets of 10)
  1. Drop one side of band. Shoulder raise R side, then crossing your body. Then switch to L. (one set of 10 each)
  1. Lunges with upper back pull – band in front of you, held shoulder width apart. Squeeze your shoulder blades together as you pull your hands back. (one set of 10 each side). Make sure your toes are pointing in the same direction, and you are coming straight down.
  1. A little Cardio! Jump ups. Hands to floor, then knees, then air (or calf raises). (10 total, stay down on last)
  2. Elbows under shoulders, pull your abs in, nice straight back! Hold for 20.
  3. Pushups (one set of 10) – can do these off of a wall, or from all fours, knees, or plank. You can also start with a yoga ball or sturdy bench under your legs – just leave a clear space in case you slip off!
  4. From all fours, back extensions (elbow to knee) (one set each side)
  5. Tricep pushups seated with hands behind you – or “dip” from a sturdy chair or stair (2 sets of 10)
  6. Roll down. 20 straight crunches.
  7. Reverse crunches or toe taps (20)
  8. Knees in to chest. Roll side to side (10 each side)
  9. side crunches, 20 each side
  10. Bridge, pulse up with glutes (20)
  11. Roll up to squatting, nice slow roll up to standing to finish.