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Shimmying into a New Year

” As long as I am breathing, in my eyes, I am just beginning.”  — Criss Jams, Killosophy

Dear Friend,

If you substitute “dancing” for “breathing” in the above quote, you’ll just about get how I’m feeling going into 2015.  Even though I must admit that I unfortunately fell out of practice with my newsletter writing, 2014 was far from an idle year for me.  Through dance, I forged some wonderful new relationships and unforgettable performance opportunities, teaming up with local band Amun Raqs as well as the lovely and talented Lalita, winner of the 2012 Belly Off Competition, to perform at events such as Luvest 2014 as well as the Cathedral of Learning’s annual Holiday Open House.  Performing to a huge receptive crowd in the Cathedral’s impressive lobby was truly a one of a kind experience.
Cathedral of Learning Performance
** Photo Courtesy of Marcel Walker

For something completely different, I put my dance (and new LED fire fans) to the test with Colonel Eagleburger’s Highstepping Good Time Band this holiday season, performing as the eclectic Marching Band’s “fireguard” at Light Up NIght.  I look forward to more performances in 2015, especially as the weather warms.

This year, my goals (I don’t believe in resolutions) are simple; Show Up and Shimmy.  To dance more, to breathe more, and to bring more entertainment and belly dance to the Pittsburgh area…and beyond.  So far, just 12 days in, I’ve gotten off to a pretty good start.  My morning practice has a new life and resolve, and I am excitedly working on a brand new, unique piece that I’ll be debuting at the Anti Valentine’s Hafla on Feb 7, alongside many other great performances by Pittsburgh’s talented belly dance community.  Check out the event page here.

I’m also happy to announce that I am now offering a belly dance fitness class as part of Carnegie Mellon University’s Group X program.  At 4:30 pm every Tuesday, students, staff, and outside community alike can get a great core workout with me while learning and drilling belly dance moves in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  Classes are low cost and open to the public, click here for more info.

Stay warm and I hope to see you dancing soon!