About Morgiana

   Morgiana, aka Kristin Ward, is a multi-faceted dancer, performer, and instructor who discovered the joy of Belly Dancing in 2002 and has been sharing the love of it with others ever since.Performing at your party or event, Morgiana brings sparkle to the dance floor, engaging guests of any age with a smile and welcoming air.  While her style of dance is mostly Arabic/Egyptian Cabaret, she can perform to many types of music, and works well with DJs and other hired artists and musicians.  
   Morgiana currently offers classes in Belly Dance, Resistance Band Training and Zumba in Fox Chapel, Oakland and Shadyside in the Greater Pittsburgh area, and is available to travel throughout the Eastern US for workshops and demos.  She is certified as a group exercise instructor through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and especially enjoys working with beginners and older adults.
Contact morgiana@southwestpabellydance.com now for a free event quote or to find a class near you!

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